Helping businesses to realise the value from their investments in people.

Get more from your investments in people.

EAM Consulting helps businesses realise value from their investments in people (training, coaching, secondments and the like) by working with them to ensure these are focused on the business’ objectives.

Evaluation and Assessment of your Training 

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Nick Smith the Managing Director of EAM Consulting has written and had published many professional articles in the field of Training & Competence as well as Evaluation and Assessment, click here to see some of these articles.

EAM consulting are a specialist in the field of assessing and evaluation the effectiveness of your training programmes.  Their many years of experience in this field has led them to become a leading provider of training evaluation and assessment services across the east of England.  Click here to contact EAM

We use a diagnostic process that produces clear statements of the required business performance and learning objectives that the training is to deliver, ensuring alignment of the two parts will deliver a positive return from the investment in training.

This approach allows for the training to be evaluated as the measures are agreed in advance of training design and delivery.